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Would you like to find your personal truth by connecting the dots between: your life experiences; what you are feeling emotionally; and what’s happening in your body? During this mini-workshop you will: *Discuss each of the seven energy centres. *Connect each centre to possible physical and emotional problems. *Note where your energy might be blocked […]

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Under water starfish

Challenging emotions

We all experience emotions.  It often depends on what life experience we are currently moving through how emotions surface, and if there is a link to a past event. Some quick reference *keys to understanding an emotion. *Anger when used appropriately can fuel change, when not, can be destructive.  It can have the underlying emotion […]

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Before, During and How long is a session/s?

Before a session Any potential client/student that is thinking about a session will need to complete a “Session Agreement”.  This outlines the commitment of all parties, services and session procedure, confidentiality, privacy, session fees, termination and signing.  Payment is prior to the session via direct debit or paypal. Once payment is received a session questionnaire […]

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The challenging change – loss

Losses can be many and varied over a lifetime. The importance or your attachment to the loss often determines how challenging the change of loss will be. When we experience loss we find ourselves moving through the process of grief. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross outlined the stages as; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. No two people […]

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Enlighten yourself – Sharon’s experience in Sedona CYL 2012

Through a series of synchronistic events, I found myself attending my first Celebrate your life (CYL) conference in Sedona, Arizona.  My intent was to experience a spiritual journey, soak in the atmosphere, while reconnecting physically with past teachers, Denise Linn from nineteen years ago, and Doreen Virtue from three years ago. The evening opening ceremony […]

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Simple Principles of Meditation

Just quiet time and daydreaming are very simple forms of ‘like’ meditation. When you meditate, your intention and purpose are always positive. The two basic types of Meditation are Concrete/External or Abstract/Internal.

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What is healing? Some associate healing with curing, helping to heal, getting well and mending, and others as a process to regain health. To me it’s about balance, and understanding for each individual this may be different. Healing can occur without curing. Sometimes healing is not about getting well, it may be about clearing, connecting, accepting and surrendering.

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What are Angels?

To me they are connection to the divine, to source, to pure essence. Angels have certain qualities and attributes we can aspire to, and offer assistance and support when asked.

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The Child Within

An adult’s life is often very serious. We need to pay the bills, cook, clean, socialise, build on our career, and look after the children or family. Stress has become a part of many adult lives. In our journey we wear many hats, many roles, and sometimes masks. ¹Carl Jung psychologist coined the tag “archetype”, which is about identifying behavioural patterns that present with certain personas or archetypes.

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