What motivates you? Physically? Emotionally? Mentally? Spiritually?  Why do you procrastinate? Knowing yourself is a key tool to being where you want to be.  Motivation is an inside job, and we can assist ourselves and others through understand goals.  In safety we identify, assess, control and monitor.  These same four qualities can be keys to […]

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Reflection on the artist – Sharon McLaughlin

As long as Sharon can remember, she has always been artistic and creative.  Over the years, Sharon has expressed the artist in many ways from being her dolls hairdresser, to singing anywhere and anytime, to dance, on stage in plays and amateur productions; drawing; painting from backdrops for ballet, sides of business walls and shop fronts to wall paintings; applying makeup; scrapbooking (before it became […]

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Life Purpose your Mission Statement

Have you ever asked the question: who am I?  Then you are in good company, as most people will ask that question at some point in their life.  Who you are and what you represent is your vision of that “who am I” question.  It is worth taking the time to reflection on your vision, […]

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The emotion we often avoid…….Grief

Following on from the past reflection “Challenging emotions“, I would like to reflect on the emotion of grief.  Grief in the physical world, and predominately the western culture is something that many strive to avoid.  Consciously or unconsciously, even when we are in the mist of loss, we often seek ways to avoid, move through quicker […]

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Feb2013 009

Alert………………New Year Ahead…Resolutions, Goals or Affirmations?

Start thinking about your NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: – it’s an opportunity to create or update, whatever you choose to call them, your resolutions, your goals or your affirmations. As you reach the turning point that comes about from the changeover, from one year to the next, you have the opportunity to assess the year that was – Did […]

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Sept12 155

Yoga Relaxation

What is Relaxation?  Some would say a holiday – but often the holiday is so hectic, you need a holiday to get over the holiday.  Other ways to relax, for some, might be to smoke, drink or use drugs; the trouble is all these create a false sense of relaxation.  What is the difference between, […]

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Cards Revealed

My first experience of ”having my cards read” was at 17.  I believed my life was not on track and I was looking for clarification.  The reading I had paid for, didn’t feel that it connected with me.  It was all positive, but none of it felt true for me.  In retrospect, I was correct.  I walked out of […]

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Affirmation Tower

The Magic of Affirmation

Affirmation is simply a positive statement, in the present, first person tense.  It becomes your focus to lead you in the positive direction you are seeking.  The basics of writing great affirmations with IMPACT: I=Make it “I” positive.  We can’t change others, only ourselves.  Start with “I”.  It is not about what you are moving […]

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Passion, Foundation and Structure

To create you need passion, foundation and structure. Your passion can become your motivation. Your foundation is vital, as within any creation, if the foundation is not solid, the structure will collapse. Your structure is the building blocks that are held by your foundation.  The structure can be guidelines you choose to lay upon your foundation. Take […]

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2002 and beyond

Opening to your creativity now!

Words came to Sharon in 2002, to assist her with her own creativity.  It was only when a student expressed an interest in 2004 that Sharon then put it into a © PDF to assist others. This PDF booklet is called “Opening to your creativity now!” and covers:  an Introduction by Sharon, A Message from […]

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