Colours form the spectrum of light.  The colours within a rainbow are the colour in the charkas – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.  All colours of light are said to be in white light.  However, if you are painting, you can’t mix white from all colours in paint. What are the meaning of colours?  […]

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Signs or symbols

What are signs?  The suggestion is a sign, is only created to mean a particular thing, and nothing else.  Definitely this is true for a road sign, in the context of driving on a road, and reading a road sign “STOP” means stop.  However, if it is taken out of it’s context, and you are […]

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Knowing yourself

There are many ways to understand yourself more fully.  Here are just some of the ways Sharon has explored, and her view on the value in each. Astrology –  Western, Vedic, Celtic – this is a great way to view your personality via Astrology, it also offers influences that may effect your direction.  Depending on your belief […]

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A Calling

Have you ever experienced a moment when you feel so drawn?  A moment of complete clarity of purpose.  That what you know, the ‘why’ is no longer important, the ‘when’ is becoming a reality, and the ‘how’ unfolds as you take a leap of faith. Sharon believes “a calling” is when you are so drawn […]

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Do you recognise when you are blocking your own good? Do you know if you are letting someone or thing sabotage you? Sharon believes it is about being aware, conscious of each moment, who you are and the roles you play, in your script for life. As you recognise the warning signs, you will indeed, […]

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The empty nest

‘The empty nest’ is a phrase commonly used to describe a family home, where the children have left.  It is common for most mothers to move through the empty nest syndrome, often reinventing themselves when the need for “a mother” is no longer directly required.  Although fathers will experience this too, it will depend if […]

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Sharon has used mudras since early in the 1990, she teaches them in some yoga classes. What is a mudra? In yoga mudras can take different formats, however the most well used, look like a hand gestures, but they are much more. Hand mudras can be: The connection of the hands to the lines of energy […]

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How many times do find yourself in the mist of “miscommunication “?  For Sharon, she has found it is often within her long term partnership, after the words, “whatever you want, darling.”  This statement is obviously too board, and then miscommunication sets in.  Now, Sharon takes the time to stop, seek clarification, and ask when […]

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Sharon loves mantras, the sound of Sanskrit when you sing/chant can create a wonderful sense of balance and calm. Naturally it will depend on the mantra. A classic short mantra is OM. Each mantra has a reason and a purpose. If Sanskrit is not for you, then choose positive words that symbolise what you wish […]

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Sharon was raised with crystals and gemstones.  One of her father’s hobbies was collecting, and cutting or faceting stones.  While he was alive, he would give any female relative when they turned 16, a faceted gemstone.  Sharon’s love for crystals comes from this lifetime association with her father.  As Sharon is sensitive to objects, she […]

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