Many ways

Many ways, many choices We have reached a pivotal moment in time that there are so more many ways and many choices. This is because it is no longer necessary to be in the same room with your teacher or student.  For some it may mean past, parallel and multi-dimension ways.  For others it may […]

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Life is like a Labyrinth

Actually it isn’t just “life” it is also like your “life purpose” or any goal you wish to accomplish.  You set off with your intention, and you believe you are going straight towards your goal.  You have emotions arise, you have thoughts invade, AM I EVER GOING TO GET THERE…… You waiver, AM I ON […]

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Awaken YOUR inner god/goddess

What is a goddess/god? A goddess/god traditionally is a deity/ universal/ divine power, whom has natural and supernatural qualities of the feminine/male. I believe your goddess/god can be a quality (eg. Nurturing, supportive, caring, compassionate, passionate, healing, expressive etc.) you aspire to, and or one of your archetypes(eg. Mother/Father, partner, friend, lover, healer, artist, etc.) […]

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A different Mandala – Yantra it!

What is a Mandala?  It is a key to the subconscious in a visual design, and can consciously be linked to an affirmation, positive statement or mantra.  It is held within a circle. What is a Yantra?  It is a visual tool to centre and/or connect with a deity, who may also have a mantra. […]

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Detox? Ask how? Ask now!

What does “detox” mean to you?  Most would agree that a detox means “abstaining from or ridding the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.”.  For some it means just giving up: alcohol, coffee, chocolate, sugar, smokes, etc.  For others it can mean detoxing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Sometimes, all four at once, can be […]

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Letting go

Letting go at anytime can be a challenge.  Loss in the holiday season, can add to an already emotional time.  Can you let go?  Can you let your heart stay open, when it feels like it is breaking? It is a process.  The more willing you are, to just be in the process, allowing it […]

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Can you miss your boat?

There are many that are asking about life purpose.  Even for those that have known their purpose for sometime. they maybe getting restless, and wondering can they miss their boat, their moment, their mission, that is a part of their purpose? May be if you miss it, it really wasn’t your boat. Anything is possible. […]

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Protected: Chrissy & New Year Gifts to newsletter subscribers 31/12/16

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Feb14 SnowDust

Pivotal moments

On reflection, most people will have a pivotal moment in their life that changed their direction, or molded who they became.  The longer you live, the more of these pivotal moments you may notice.  Instead of going this way, I went that way, and this happened. “For me, one of my major pivotal moments that […]

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Protected: Wk5 Identify, Assess Control & Monitor

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