Influencers to your target market What is a influencer?  Something internal or external that has an affect on a person to sway them towards or away from a particular thing. What influences behaviour?  No matter what industry you work in, there are influencers that effect behaviours. Pleasure principle – first mentioned by Freud in 1895, […]

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Past lives

Sharon first studied past life regression with Denise Linn, in the early 90s.  It became a wonderful way of perceiving experiences in daily life, that had a strong emotional charge which did not have any grounding in the present moment.  Sharon discovered for herself, that as she explore ways to clear the strong emotional charge, […]

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Finding time for YOU

Can you make time work for you ?  Do you have too much to do?  How high is your paperwork or your email box full?  Can you sleep or mind churning at night?  What ways can you manage time? Suggestions – ‘work smarter not harder’, focus on what is really important, clear backlog, lift the weight from your […]

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Are YOU, your greatest asset or your worst liability? Are your challenges YOUR fears or lessons? What area is your challenge? Is it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual? Did you know YOU can turn your challenges into opportunities?  Opportunties for learning and growth… How? This is unique to the individual. The example: When I was […]

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Identifying Potentials

SWOT or SCORE Analysis What is a positive potential? These are your STRENGTHS & OPPORTUNITIES What is a negative potential? These are your WEAKNESS/CHALLENGES & THREATS/RISKS The positive and negative potentials are just the polarities to be aware. From the potentials you can create an action plan, so you can manage your challenges and risks, […]

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Gap Analysis

Sharon was asked what is gap analysis?  This is the reflection to cover this enquiry. Gap Analysis is the ability to look at what is on paper and what is actually happening to see the gap.  There are many ways, Sharon has participated in gap analysis to assist others. Through listening to a person talk, […]

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business longevity

Business longevity

This reflection has come about from a recent business networking presentation.  Sharon wanted to capture the essence of this message for all to benefit.  This has been modified to suit the global business community. Business longevity Who am I?  24yrs owner/operator in small business, including 12yrs in sports/retail, with continued involvement in health/fitness/coaching.  7yrs with continued involvement […]

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Find your creative expression

Everyone has the ability to connect with their creative expression,  some are more connected to their expression then others.  What does creative mean to you?  Find your way to express. Creative, simply means “to create”.  We create in each moment of our life, new cells, new thoughts, and often we can be unaware of our […]

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What is a guide?  Someone whom assists a traveller to reach an unknown or unfamiliar destination; offer points of interest, showing a path, advising or giving counsel in both practical or spiritual ways, and can be a mentor. We all have angels and guides.  It just depends if you are communicating with yours.  Depending on your […]

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Do you believe in luck?

Isn’t it amazing how many believe you are either lucky or not.  Sharon loves the belief in the luck of the Irish, in leprechauns and fairies. However, What if, it is not good nor bad, luck or no luck, but just is.  What if, there is a bigger story, a bigger picture, underneath any moment.  The parable […]

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