Relationships are the playground for your greatest learning and teaching. Particularly those that you are closest to.  They will be your greatest teachers, for you to know whether you have learnt your lessons. Whether a lesson is taught in a positive or a negative you have choice how you react or respond; and you have […]

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What makes you happy? Sharon believes that the happiness state is an internal shift. Someone or something can make you happy but as soon as they aren’t there happiness leaves. If you have an internal state of happiness then it is not attached to anything outside of yourself. Then anything that makes you happy externally […]

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As the song says ” R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me”. What does self-respect mean to you? Sharon believes simply it means approval and appreciation. If you have self-respect you will have self-esteem. Do you approve and appreciate yourself? If not, where in your life don’t you approve or appreciation yourself, why and […]

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The many faces of a mother

The Mother is a universal persona/archetype which all can relate to; and a universal behavioural pattern coined by psychologist, Carl Jung.  Commonly ‘the mother’ is perceived in the positive of a ‘life-giver’, nurturing, loving, caring, patient, kind and compassionate. There are many faces of the mother from the ‘Mr. Mom’ the male that can be a […]

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Individual Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Do you need assistance? Are you searching for a sense of purpose?  Would you like some strategies and tools to assist you to reach your goals? The  “Session Agreement” and “Preparation for a session” is required to be completed by the student/client and returned to the trainer/coach/guide before the session begins.  […]

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Lifeforce Coaching

Each client is met from the doorway they choose, and normally presents with a concern in an area/s of their life.  An agreement is signed by all parties to outline the chosen time and costs.  Prepayment is required.  Preparation sheets are required to be completed before the first session, and before each session. Example of […]

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Business Coaching

Sharon can assist businesses small and large to view their business from a different angle “Fresh eyes“.  With complete privacy and confidentiality, she has the ability to analyse the gaps and to offer strategies and tools, that the business is willing to work with.  Looking at team dynamics, motivating and inspiring businesses to find ways to […]

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Specific Series of Coaching

Sharon has created a specific series of coaching sessions/workshops/retreats for those that are exploring the deeper questions of who am I/you, what is my/your purpose, and what am I/you here for? (Age prerequisite of 18years or over) 1. Coaching to become your authentic self Who are you? Explore who you are and strategies to find yourself and release […]

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Zero hand

The Fool – new beginnings

April fool where did it come from??  According to web sources, which I would take with a grain of salt it is a mystery as to where the day or the words came from.  A possible source is 15th century France when the Georgian calendar changed New Year from April to January.  Now that is […]

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Field of potential

Sharon believes there is a field of highest potential, and she is happy to meet you there.  If energy flows where attention goes, be mindful of where your attention goes.  As we evolve in consciousness, your attention becomes more focused and as the higher consciousness is more grounded; you are more likely to manifest.  If […]

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