Eternal or Temporary

Know thyself.  There are many ways.  Just for NOW reflect.  Know which part of yourself is eternal; and which part is temporary.  The eternal links to your higher self or your divine self.  The temporary links to your personality or your lower self. NOW you are aware.  What WILL you choose?  If you are ready……. […]

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Mini Workshop – intro to skills for a healing joy-filled life

Book my Space Receive an understanding and experience some skills to help YOU – a mini version of what you would receive in a 3day Retreat – just in a condensed version.  When using the “book my space” please choose either 2Feb or 3Feb, as these are the only dates at this time available.  Any […]

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Retreats @ Rose Bay Resort

Retreats – March or October Twice a year we create a space for YOU to RELAX, RENEW & REFRESH, while learning skills to help YOURSELF. Currrently Scheduled – 2, 3, & 4 March 2018  just after full moon –  Ask Sharon about the scheduled topic. – 26. 27, & 28 October 2018 – the topic is […]

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Retreats@RoseBayResort – March2018 Topic

Guidelines for Retreat Topic – based on a book ONE written by Sharon McLaughlin 2003/2017 – “WholeSense – a program for healing and a more joy-filled life” Each group that comes together shapes the group direction of a Retreat based on the chosen topic.  Over 10hrs of inspirational ideas & learning.  Opitional upgrades/ treatments will […]

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Creating a positive intent for the New Year

“Creating a positive intent” was created as a ‘live’ event on Facebook in December 2016.  It is now my gift to ALL for a positive NEW year 2018.  2017 for me, has been an amazing year, filled with JOY, LOVE & PEACE which is ongoing, and will ripple out through time and space, as long […]

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30days of Gratitude

Gratitude can be therapy.  If you believe in the law of attraction.  The more you appreciate what you have, the more you attract.  It has the side benefit of changing your attitude.  So …. Gratitude becomes the new Attitude!  It is worth the 30day journey! Every November, I like to do 30days of Gratitude.  If […]

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Healthy Living Shifts

Remember when starting any healthy living, to create shifts you need to: *Stay with a plan *Have a vision *Set SMART goals When someone starts a healthy living program, a common question is why aren’t I loosing weight?  Well, a healthy living program is not about loosing weight it is about feeling good, and the […]

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Why an Accredited REHAB Trainer?

I love it.  As a 53yr old PT, whom has experienced various life accidents and injuries, I understand what it feels like to feel the loss of mobility, and to loose muscle mass due to life injury, and atrophy (muscle wasting) often due to over protection of the injured area, muscle imbalance, fears and concerns.  […]

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Protected: Spring into Spring

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Listen to YOUR body

Anyone that has attended a class with me, will have heard me say these words: “Listen to YOUR body”.  What does it mean?  It actually has a literal and a multidimensional meaning.  When you take the time to “listen to your body” you would never do anything with your body to cause it harm or […]

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