About Sharon

Being born into city life and moving to country towns, Sharon McLaughlin learnt the need for versatility and adaptability.  Health challenges in her childhood, and being involved in a hit and run accident when she was 16, moulded her passion to seek to understand life’s unfoldment.  She learnt that the challenges assisted her to know her strengths and supports; to be aware of her risks; to find ways to be all that she could be in any given moment, while always seeking to understand her underlying spiritual connection and gifts.

Sharon has a wide variety of life and work experience. She has worked and trained in administration, retail, management, sports coaching, health and fitness, construction/mines safety and human resources, corporate, tourism, accommodation, and not for profit. Sharon has spent the majority of her adult life, self employed, while juggling marriage, children, family and study. Since 1989, Sharon has believed in continuous on-going professional improvement, refining and adding modalities to her toolbox in whatever area she is called.

Sharon meets each client or student from the doorway at which they enter – ‘how can I assist, what are your expectations and how are you willing to participate/ what are you willing to do?’ She gives the individual accountability and responsibility for their choices. Sharon brings all that she is to each meeting, and is fully present and engaged with the client or student. She holds herself to a high level of professionalism, confidentiality, integrity, ethics and compassion.  Let Sharon assist you to turn your impossibles into opportunities for possibilities.

“Sharon McLaughlin is inspirational and motivational, lighting the way to your highest potential.”

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